Monday, May 6, 2013

Ya Bunch of Jerks...

Previously on...Garden 104.  We last left off November 5th.  The garden had been turned over and put to bed.

And now, hey look! It's the garden.  Either it has become a nutrient deficient 450sq ft wasteland where not even weeds can grow, or we did a bang up job prepping it for winter and to be perfectly honest, I'm actually not sure.Either way I did a little happy dance showing up to this, because I broke our garden claw last year and wasn't really sure how I was going to weed the garden.  Ryan pulled out that patch of grass in the lower left corner of the picture.  What a guy!

Here's Ryan in November, all bundled up and putting garlic bulbs in the ground.

And here it is now!  I think we only lost a couple over the winter and the ones here are looking pretty strong.

Did a little pre-planning over breakfast with this book my mom gave me for xmas.  Very handy! We headed out to Plant World and bought a whole bunch of onion sets, a few varieties of potatoes and a bunch of herbs.  

We splurged on the "good" compost and did our best worlds strongest man impression carrying these 60lb bags from the car to the garden.

Got the garden all weeded and raked all pretty, look at that pretty dirt! 


Spread the fertilizer...

Busted out the best xmas present, ready to water it all down, in order to plant in the massive amount of bulbs and plants when we realized...



So, basically that's it.  Couldn't plant.  Went home with the sads.  Now our plants are living in behind our building, hopefully the city will call me and tell me they turned the water on and I can get out before the weekend to put them in.

As consolation, on the way back we stopped by the florist and picked out a massive selection of flowers for the wedding. Yay!

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