Monday, May 27, 2013

Nothing really to report (most boring blog entry ever)

 Another beautiful day at the garden.  Not a whole lot to report since it's early days, but the garlic looks like it has almost doubled in size from a few weeks ago.  I can't even recall all the varieties we planted, so it will be fun to find out.

At least one of the tomato plants looks pitiful (not shown here).  Everything else looked like it was recovering from being scorched or parched I'm not sure, I thought we got a good amount of rain and cooler temperatures last week but the garden was bone dry on Sunday and most things were looking a bit sad.  I think we'll have to make more of a point to get out a few more times than usual this week.  I am definitely worried about how it's going to do while we're gone.

About 3/4 of the onions have sprouted, there is one patch that has not sprouted at all and it happens to be in the same area we had trouble growing stuff last either there is a bigger problem with that spot than I thought, or it's just that happened to be where we planted a slower growing variety of onions.  I'll give it another week and decide what to do then.

 The peas were looking pretty ok, again, lacking water I think.
We put some dill in with the cucumbers because they are friends both in and out of the pickle jar.
 The peppers were already starting to grow some buds so they got picked off.  We had prolific peppers last year due to obsessive bud-picking.  Thankfully this year we planted a few different kinds because one can only eat so many green peppers.
So that's it, kind of boring.  No sign of potatoes but I expect to see those coming up by the end of this week.

Still loving my X-Hose though :)

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