Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Every Muscle In My Body Still Hurts.

What a great weekend to get the garden going!  So what if I can't move my arms properly after carrying another 60lb bag of compost...

Another trip to Plant World, this time to pick up all the things we're putting in.  We're not doing anything from seed this year because, I don't really know why.  Laziness?  We're trying to keep it simple too.  Nothing too fussy.

That cart holds 12 tomato plants, some cucumber, zucchini (lol!), watermelon, peppers, peas and beans.

The garden was looking sassy when we arrived.  Sassy! A bit of supplemental weeding, some spreading of compost and we were ready to get digging.  

We're opting for trenches this year, because last year we found that we had a hard time retaining water in the soil.  We dug out trenches spanning the entire width of the plot (15') with some room to spare on the side for walking.

In the back as you can see is the garlic looking good.  Next is 2 rows of potatoes.  We have blue potatoes, fancy french fingerling, red and basic white potatoes.  A bit more than last year.  We put the watermelon in with the potatoes because the key to growing watermelon is making sure nobody can see that you're growing watermelon.

This adorable child wandered over from a few plots down, so naturally I put her to work.  If you have time to lean you have time to clean, kid.

Following the potatoes are 2 rows of tomatoes.  We've got 6 Roma, a Beefsteak, we couldn't find Black Krim but we have another black variety, of course a cherry tomato monster and my personal favourite Early Girl.  Who am I kidding they are all my favourites.

After that we have 2 rows of onions, which is many, many onions (and leeks too, don't forget the leeks!)

The peas did really well on the trellis last year so we're giving them half of it again this year, right next to the beans.  We haven't grown beans on the trellis but given that we managed to grow them up a single pole I think this will work just fine.  Finally something sturdy enough to hold it. Behind those we planted a bunch of herbs, hoping that the leafy beans will shade them a bit from the scorching summer sun.

When all was said and done we spent about 3 hours digging and planting, digging and planting but we were rewarded by FINALLY GETTING TO USE OUR X-HOSE.  And let me tell you, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Ok maybe not the best... but it's pretty sweet.

It's lightweight, it expands further than the length of the entire garden which means no more dragging it around ruining plants.  It has great flow and a nozzle that provides a number of different spraying options.  Our garden neighbours all came by for a demonstration.

The only thing left to put in now is dill.  This week is forecasting a lot of rain, which I'm pretty happy about.  It's the best time to get a good soak while everything is freshly transplanted   I'm thinking it's going to be a good year :)

P.S. Now taking applications for garden waterers from June 17th to July 8th...if you water the garden you will be rewarded with garden spoils!!

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