Monday, November 5, 2012

Taking a Leek (or 6)

Well, it's that sad time of year when it's time to put the garden to bed.

I didn't write much over the fall because there wasn't much to say! 

We got lots of tomatoes canned, we managed 3/4 brussel sprout plants harvested for Thanksgiving dinner (they were really good).  The cauliflower never did give us anything, and we had more peppers than we could get a handle on thanks to some prudent early season pruning.

In the end though, the garden managed to surprise us with 5-6 robust leeks, a handful of nicely shaped carrots, and about 4-5 rutabagas that have no doubt sweetened in the cooler temperatures.

We also got loads of green onions that will go nice in our salads and as a garnish this week.

And also, buried in some weeds are the beginnings of what is surely going to be some epic dill next year (perennial, right?).  I'm looking forward to not have to babysit the fragil dill through the summer heat, now that there looks like there is going to be a lot of it. It's so fragrant too.

This week I'm going to make some leek and potato soup for some new parents friends of mine, and perhaps pick what's left of the fresh dill as a garnish.

This week our task was to take out all the dead stuff, turn over all the dirt and plant the garlic.

Being kind of busy this fall we've yet to really formulate our plan of attack for the garden next year, which is kind of critical in deciding where we're to plant the garlic.

With a wedding and a 3 week honeymoon in the works, we're realizing we're going to be away for some critical gardening time next year.  So our plan for now is to go with staples like potatoes, onions, tomatoes and garlic.  These are things we use the  most of, and will keep the longest.  We're down to our last two heads of garlic that came out in june.

Having learned our lesson (that we love garlic, and can grow it pretty well it seems), we got down to business and planted about 60 cloves, which is about three times what we did this year.

We're supposed to plant it around 3 weeks before the ground freezes, and given the temperatures this seems to be the ideal time.

It's close to the back so we'll be fighting the war on grass, but I think it was a good choice.  I can't wait until next summer when it's time to harvest.  Growing garlic felt like a real accomplishment for us!

So with that, the end of the garden blog for 2012.  It was a good season.  Hot as hell and dryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Some things grew really well for no good reason and some things didn't.  I will never understand what happened to the roma tomato plants, but I guess that's just the way it goes.  My uncle says there's no real explanation for these things!

Next year maybe I''ll write more on canning, as I think I've got the hang of it enough to write about it.

A lot of lessons were learned, and bad tan lines earned. I already can't wait for next years garden season to begin.

Sleep tight, Garden 104!

...Oh yeah, one other thing, SCREW YOU BEETS!!