Monday, July 16, 2012

Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feelings about this week's trip to the garden as it involved digging up a very large part of it, and acknowledging that some things are dead.  Like the cucumber, which is hella dead.  Did not do well again this year.


As you can see from the following two pictures, things were pretty full when we arrived.  The potatoes were dead enough we felt it was time to dig them up.

Look! A garden visitor!

Potatoes looking dead(ly).

Another garden vistor!  This one ate all the cherry tomatoes (but that's ok, that's why we brought her)

Grandmother is something of an expert gardener, we enjoyed having her join us for a days worth of manual  labour.

Notice she wore white pants? As though she had no intention of digging up potatoes.

And dig up potatoes we did.  Check this out!  This is 24 potato plants worth.  They are nicely sized and quite tasty.  Noticeably different from the grocery store.  Fresher, sweeter, smoother flesh.

We also dug up all the onions.  The red onions didn't get as big as last year, but they were in a very damp spot, so I wonder if that might be why.

I think my neighbors to the left are kind of accidentally watering over to our side as we notice that side is almost routinely damp.  I'm not sure how to approach it with them, it's just that I am suspecting they might unintentionally be the reason parts of that side of the garden have been unsuccessful.

My pride and joy, the garlic, finally came out.  We lost a total of 2 heads post dig, due to being malformed.  The ones that are left are a good size though, the skins are all intact.

And after a quick rinse (not sure you're supposed to do that, but I did) they are now bunched and hanging to cure in the kitchen.
The kitchen has become somewhat of a sweatshop.  Yesterday, Ryan put a bunch of pickles in a crock to ferment the old-timey way, I was processing garlic and onions for curing, and somehow managed to churn out 8 mini loaves of zucchini bread.

In other garden news, chinese eggplant are growing, and I am really not sure what they are supposed to look like, how big they get or when they'll be done.  It's kind of fun to look at, they look like fingers.

And regular eggplant looks to be starting to form.

We all enjoyed cherry tomatoes because there is an insane amount of them and they are a bit like candy.

And this is the First Ripe Tomato 2012.  Beefsteak.  I donated it to Grandmother because she's so great.

This week's harvest: oh look, MOAR ZUCCHINI, a green pepper and jalapeno that we promptly turned into a quesadilla lunch.  The smaller tomatoes are the Early Girl variety (my favourite, probably - no, they all are my favourite) some early carrots that were too early but I got excited and ripped them out.

Fun fact: did you know earwigs are called earwigs because they eat the silk ears of the corn?

I assumed it was because they crawled in your ears at night and laid eggs and in the morning a million baby earwigs would crawl out.  That may still be true, I don't know - but they definitely like corn too.

Anyway, mixed feelings this week because there is a lot of empty space.  We put down a few bags of worm casing compost (after spending some time debating on which animal poop was the best, cow, sheep or worm we opted for the worm because we have no idea what we're doing and the bag looked nice).

I took seed inventory and there's still a lot we can put in, we figured we'd let the compost sink in for a few days.  Plus it rained like crazy yesterday which is great in general for all things green.

I'm not sure if seeding at this time of the year is going to work though, I guess we'll see.

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