Monday, July 9, 2012

First real harvest!

Thanks to the rain on Saturday we took the day off. Not much was needing to be done anyway, so our visit on Sunday consisted of watering with our new sock-hose system (to soak the roots in the hot weather), and harvesting things!

Here we have some lettuce, a frisee finally (though we learned the hard way how to do it better next time), a cucumber, some potatoes, shallots, a garlic and a green pepper.

This is a teeny tiny eggplant.

The garlic is pretty much good go to.  We have heeded the wise internets advice and have withheld water as if garden 104 was some kind of vegetable prisoner of war camp.

Give up the goods, garlic!
And give up the goods it did.  I couldn't resist my curiosity and dug one up.  It's pretty much perfect.

This truly was a labour of love, because we planted these back on Halloween night in the fall and look! Garlic!

I think we might pull the rest soon.  They have to cure for 2 weeks.

And speaking of curing, here are the shallots hanging in the kitchen doing their thang.

This tomato plant is an overachiever.  You could say it almost tries *too* hard, since it's got a lovely set of beefsteak tomatoes, but it's pretty much killing itself (literally) to produce them.

I'm guessing that once these are ready, the plant will collapse in a heap and die.

Another overachiever is the cherry tomato plant, which is almost as tall as me and dripping with cherry tomatoes.

I'm thinking by the end of this week we'll be snacking on these.

The Jalapeno is doing well.  We put one on some nachos yesterday and they are HOT HOT HOT.

These will go nice with the salsa we want to make.

Green onions are almost ready, maybe next week? The cauliflower is also looking good.  Might be time to thin it out soon but I'm not really sure.

The pak choi came out finally, as it had bolted and become bitter but it's left room for the ever leafy chard.

The potatoes will be done very soon.  We've already had a small handful.  It'll look pretty bare without them, but I already have plans for that space for when we move into fall. ;)

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