Monday, June 18, 2012

You say Potato, I say Po-tah-to...

I'm not much of a weekend sleeper-inner, I prefer to just get up whenever I happen to wake up, and on Saturday that happened to be about 7:30 because Rosie (cat) couldn't help herself from sticking her face in my face to remind me that it was well past food time.  I tried to go back to sleep but couldn't, and thankfully Ryan was equally awake, so we decided to just get up and go to the garden before it go too hot.  So what if it was like 8:30am on Saturday...

Anyway, things were looking pretty awesome.  I love going to the garden after it's been a few days, there's always something new to see.  

The potatoes are really full.  I notice that my across the way neighbor has flowers on his potatoes already so I'm expecting to see some any day.  I understand that the flowers come, and then the potatoes start to die at the top which typically signals harvest time.  My rough math estimates we're going to have of potatoes.That's many potatoes!  I'm not even quite sure that we can store that many.  Why is this highlighed? I don't know, I can't figure out how to make it stop.

Our next door garden neighbors who work for the City, were kind enough to take their trimmer to the front of our plot, which you can't see from the picture because I always stealthily avoided displaying the mess of waist high grass we have been two lazy to dig out.  That left the zucchini and the peas well exposed to the sunlight on all sides, and the zucchini has thanked us by essploding.  No zucc's yet, but there are flowers and we are probably a week away from zucchini everything.  Did I mention I'm glad we only planted one this year?

We harvested some peas for the first time.  They are doing so much better than last year, they are at least a foot or two taller than we ever got last year.  I'm not too sure what made the difference.  Last year we planted from seedling, this year seeds.  Last year was at the back of the lot, this year the front.  The little crappy pea that never grew is now growing thanks to the aforementioned trimming of the grass.

This week they are going in a beef, broccoli, pak choi and snap pea stir fry.

The leeks were looking pretty weak up until this weekend. That might have had something to do with the fact that I kept stepping on them by accident...not sure really. (ha) But anyway they have finally started to thicken up.  I just found a recipe for grilled leeks and romesco sauce, so I'm basically licking my lips every time I walk past this row and saying "soon....soon" in a creepy voice.

 I should have maybe put this at the top of the post but WE HAVE BEETS! finally.  It's only the 4th sowing but finally there is evidence that beets are growing.  These are "Detroit Red's", no idea what they'll be like, don't care because I had all but given up on the idea of oven roasted garden beets.  So, yay!
 Our second sowing of radishes are coming through much thicker than last time.  I know I'm supposed to be learning things as I go, but sometimes it seems like plants just do what they damn well please.  Sometimes they grow awesome, sometimes they don't I guess.
 One of our many varieties of lettuce, the Endive Frissee is realllly happy this week.  It's bitter as all hell right now, but they are starting to develop those pretty blonde inner leaves that taste delicious with a bacon vinaigrette and poached egg.  I didn't expect this to really grow for some reason, it seemed too "fancy" for us, but it's doing really well.  Not sure how much longer for these.
 The Early Girl tomato, true to her name is growing like a monster.  So is the cherry tomato.  Both look kind of enormous, and are just about ready to start developing fruit.  Tomato season is just around the corner.  We canned enough tomatoes last year to last us almost the whole winter, but this year, now that we're more proficient with the canning, I can expect quite a bit more.  Having some vine ripened summer tomatoes in sauces during the dull, grey wintertime was a nice treat.

The Roma's seem to be slower than the other varieties...I think this is what happened last year but can't quite recall.  Hopefully they are just a bit slower than the rest because they're the best for canning.
 Oh hai, watermelon.  If somebody steals you, I'm going to cry.
 The chard is really close to being ready to start harvesting.  I enjoyed last years perpetual chard-fest, we've got a few more growing too this year.  That stuff on the right is the Pak Choy which doesn't seem to want to go away, I think I may pull out a few of the plants because we have waayyyy too much.  That stuff on the left is brussel sprouts, which look to be enjoying themselves.
And lastly, the cucumber.  It looks like it's climbing but earlier in the week I had to string it up the trellis to try to encourage it to grow up instead of along the ground.  I thought it may do that naturally, I'm not sure if the incline is too steep or if it's just being stubborn.  I keep fussing it, curling the tendrils around the chicken wire to coax it upwards.  The string is doing a good job of holding it up there, but I'm hoping it will start to latch on it's own.  We've already spotted a few wee little cucumbers, so it won't be long until we have many.  Hopefully, anyway :)

All this produce coming in has made a significant dent in our grocery bills.  Between the meat we ordered from some Mount Forest farmers, our little herb garden at home, and our garden produce, our grocery shop this week was quick and painless and we're starting to plan our meals around what is available, which I can't lie, is pretty fun.

Soon we're going to have to start thinking about what we're going to grow after some of this stuff comes out because it won't be long until we have some empty patches.

So many pictures this week!

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