Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sad Lettuce is Sad

WTF Lettuce? Just three days ago you were looking perky, happy and green.  Now you're all wilty!  It's not like it's been hot since last week, so that's not it.  What gives?  This gives me the sads.  I don't know why it's doing this, or what to do to fix it, so I just watered it and hoped for the best.

The zucchini however is not sad, in fact I think it's probably double the size of BOTH of the zucchini plants we had last year.  There are lots of flowers on it too.  I've already had zucchini twice this week and it's only Wednesday.

The Eggplants are finally doing something, and by something I mean getting taller, filling out and producing a bud.  I have literally no idea what to do with these.  I don't even think I like eggplant that much.  Eggplant parmigana?

We are but a short time away from a tomato explosion, however the three Roma's are not doing well at all.  I should have taken a picture, they are all wilty and sad just like the lettuce.  We put a bit of fertilizer down to see if that will perk them up, but if they don't shape up by the weekend they're going to have to ship out to make way for healthy plants.

Thanks to the learnings of the internet, the Frisee has now been tied up, hopefully in order to make the innards really white and less bitter than the outer bits.

Onions are starting to form bulbs.  I think maybe just a few more weeks and they'll be ready to come out.

The corn is massive...
And I think this is what's called a "tassle", take note Terry Dunfield.

I'm growing attached to this watermelon, because it's doing so well and I just know it's going to give me something delicious.  It's funny how plants do nothing for weeks and then you show up one day and suddenly...plants.

The brussel sprouts are doing well I think, I actually have no idea what they're supposed to be doing so I assume this is well.  Also, we're going to have chard and pak choi probably forever.  That's ok, both things are great additions to meals.

Carrots are coming in nice and thick now.  I've thinned them out a lot, so I'm hoping for long, slender, perfect carrots soon.

Who let this guy have the hose?

Oh hello little jalapeno!

And finally, this year I think we did peppers right.  We obsessively pruned them, picked off the buds and let them grow really tall and leafy before they started producing.  Now this plant actually has three little peppers growing on it. 

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  1. I'm thinking your lettuce and your romas are needing to be watered a bit more often if possible. See if that helps.