Monday, June 4, 2012

Garden Therapy

Well, this week was a tough one.  My brother got married on Friday, and our Grandfather passed away on Sunday.  Thankfully the garden took care of itself mostly so I could take care of myself.

Grandfather really loved to hear about my garden, and I know he enjoyed the things I brought him last year.  I'm sad that he won't get any of my produce this year, but going to the garden Sunday afternoon for some quiet time gave me a chance to reflect on how insane the last month has been for all of us.  I know he would have liked me to do that.  Gardens are good therapists.

Anyway, as you can see from this picture, it looks reallllllly pretty.  This was after two almost straight days of rain.  The potatoes look so awesome, and the cucumber is days away from finding its way up the trellis.  I'm really excited about that trellis by the way, it hasn't fallen over yet.  

Major success! 

Corn and the beanstalk

Anyway, in another department of major successes, the beans we planted beside the corn have totally come up.  We got a little carried away and planted beans beside pretty much every cornstalk, and there are probably over 40 cornstalks, you like beans, let me know now because you may get some.  Also: be careful what you wish for.

Nice trellis!
As mentioned above, the cucumbers are totally digging their new trellis, well, they're cozying up next to it as if to say "hey baby, I am going to climb you and produce many cucumbers".

Oh, also in the department of awesome...upon inspecting the garlic, we noticed these little curly things that we immediately recognized as scapes.  They are very popular at farmers markets and only around certain times.  After consulting teh google, we snipped them off and intend to sautee them as that seems to be the best way to eat them.  They smelled deeeeeeelicious, like, really soft garlicy smell.  Looking forward to that.

The chard is finally starting to look like something, which is good because I was getting concerned that they wouldn't really do anything.  We had so much chard last year, we're going to have lots this year too.

Rainbow Chard
 And lastly, we got a good haul of green onions after thinning out the onion beds.  Last year I felt so guilty about pulling out perfectly good plants but I can see why it's necessary now and choose to look at it like a free harvest of something I would otherwise throw away.

I've already passed off the excess green onions to neighbours and friends and will try to use them in salads this week. Oh yeah, did I mention I have a week's worth of salad for 2 people that has a salad bowl  leaf, buttercrunch leaf and what's left of the arugula? Delicious!

On a sad note, the beets haven't come up, third sowing now that hasn't come up.  No idea why.  Very odd.  Not sure if I should just give up and buy plants or what.

Cauliflower is poking through, no pictures yet, still too tiny.  Carrots have been thinned a bit and are going, not quite as strongly as I had hoped though.

Looking forward to some more garden therapy this week, hopefully it doesn't rain too much so I have an excuse to go.

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