Monday, May 28, 2012

Lettuce go to the garden!! Get it? Get it? (I can't be stopped!!!)

 Alright, all puns aside this weekend was a very productive one at the garden! Or, as I call it, "the back 30 (ft)".

Firstly, and most importantly, we met our newest garden neighbours.  Why is this important? Because they are clearing out the overrun, skunk denned plot beside us.  Finally now we have cultivated plots on both sides, which means the war on the grass is being won by the good guys (that's us).

Digging up grass sucks, and you come back the next week to find more.  I think grass grows UNDER grass.  Anyway, the downside of our new neighbors arrival is that they took out the HUGE mass of raspberry bushes, so no sweet summer raspberries for us this year :(

Anyway, the potatoes came out of nowhere in a week, and they are all in.  Some are bigger than others but all of them look healthy.  As well the cucumbers are really starting to fan out, I think by next week they  might start climbing the trellis.  I had a moment of panic because I suddenly thought that perhaps the garden center mislabeled zucchini as cucumbers, but we're pretty sure they are cucumbers. They look a lot different than our neighbors for some reason.  I know there are many varieties but god help me if I just planted 3 additional zucchini plants by accident.

The tomatoes are looking awesome, and getting much more attention than we gave them last year.  They are being super weeded, we've got carrots coming in between the rows.  Every visit we make sure to inspect the plants, remove the lower branches that will only server to block light from the plant, and remove the suckers.  The Early Girl has flowers on it, true to her name, I suppose we shouldn't be too far off of having tomatoes.  Maybe in a month or less?

We also replaced all the corn that didn't come up with some garden center corn.  Now we have three full looking rows.  We also planted bean seeds in and around the corn, can you believe we went to 5 garden centers and could not find any beans? Crazy!

Our first garden harvest! Salad bowl lettuce and arugula. 

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  1. Looks great! You could consider planting some raspberry bushes in your plot since the ones from the plot next door are now gone. We have a small area, about 18"x 6ft. raised bed of raspberries and last year got a decent crop. This year should be even better. Bob made all new raised bed forms as the others were rotting and too shallow anyway so now the garden is planted and we are hoping for a decent harvest. He wasn't going to plant potatoes as last year the crop wasn't good (it wasn't anywhere in BC...too much rain) but the remnants started growing very well in the compost heap so he took them out and planted them:-) We are going to try cherry tomatoes...tomatoes just don't do well up here, even in the greenhouse. I'll be watching!