Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is here!

I filed my garden permits with the city yesterday and we drove out to check on our patch of dirt. I wasn't surprised to find that the garlic had alreadypushed its way through the dirt. We planted 21 Ontario heirloom cloves on Halloween last year and it seems we've only lost one (it just popped itself out of the ground for some reason).

A few weeks back we visited Seedy Sunday seed exchange and picked up a large variety of heirloom, open pollinated seeds from a handful of local seed banks. Our shopping list isn't near complete, somehow I have to find potatoes and onion bulbs in the next few weeks. I think the early spring has caught all the garden centers by surprise. We're have ambitious plans this year, not only in the many varieties of veggies we're going to grow, but also we're going to try a lot
from seed.

We completed the garden plan weeks ago, but now it seems like planting is literally just around the corner. Hopefully by the end of this weekend we will have had a chance to go out and turn over the dirt, and get some seeds in the ground by April 1st. It's at least a full month before I had planned to be planting!

Here's the plan (crazy, I know!):

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