Monday, March 26, 2012

The prettiest patch of dirt this side of Jane St.

With the weather forecast to be crap this week, we figured Sunday would be a good day to get out and turn over the garden.

Having taken childhood mental notes during repeat viewings of the Grasshopper and the Ant, I am SOOOOOO glad we spent time last fall cleaning up the garden for the winter.

Even though we didn't get much winter, the early spring meant that the stupid grass has started to creep into the plot. This stuff is the worst, as I'm wrecking my back digging it out I swear there is grass growing UNDER the grass. Thankfully though it was confined to the outer edges and compared to last year, yesterday was pretty easy going. As you can see by the pile of crap in the lower right hand corner we still have a bit more work to do.

The most important thing I wanted to get done yesterday was to plot out the beds with string, to see if the online garden planner I used was going to work in real life. We're going to have to make some small adjustments to the plan to accomodate wider footpaths. As well I think the garden planner is on crack, so we might ditch the cabbage or broccoli to make more space for cucumbers, which really need it. Plus we're going to do one more cucumber plant than we did last year, as well as build a frame for them to climb so I think it's necessary.

Anyway, today is an advil day. But it was worth it to get my first farmers tan and get the garden ready for next weekend. Hopefully the garlic survives this week's bizarre weather.

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