Thursday, July 21, 2011

Week 8 - Nothing is wrong with the zucchini!

In fact, it's producing epic sized zucchinis such that it's a bit hard to keep up with it. We had to google a whole bunch of recipes of things to do with it. Not only are they huge but they are plentiful. The second plant that looked on the verge of collapse has rebounded and it seems like every visit we walk away with at least 2 fruits.

After a week away the garden was predictably plagued with weeds. The first night back I was almost a bit overwhelmed with everything I saw near ready to eat.

We took a head of leaf lettuce and another huge head of romaine. I'm still working my way through that, it is delicious. The leaf lettuce is a total winner, it stays crispy in the fridge, has a great crunchy but yet butter texture. We also got a nice sized cucumber which is lovely and firm, not at all very seedy or watery like some you can get from the grocery store. Also, about 1/2 a dozen pickling cucumbers which seem to be practically dripping off the plant. This weekend we intend to do some pickling.

I was able to snatch a handful of sugar snap peas which are fine to eat just like that, I can only imagine how much more tender they will get after a quick steam.

It looks like the bean pole just about fell over but thanks to our neighbor Steve he has turned it from a bean tee-pee to the leaning tower of beans-a. Get it? Moving on...

Our other neighbor Adam gave me a quick lesson on how to properly prune tomato plants as ours were a little out of control. I removed a few handfuls of stems to allow light, water and bees inside the plant. They are practically collapsing under the weight of the tomatoes

The pepper plant still only has one pepper on it. The jalapenos have a few. I will plan to plant more of these next year.

Onions are bulking up like little weighlifters. I checked on the neighbors plot to get an idea of how you know they are ready. I guess I can expect to actually see the onion bulb visable above the soil when it's time to come out.

We have a pumpkin. It seems to be growing at an insane rate. I'm going to have to figure out how to make pumpkin pie from scratch asap.

Our first real haul was pretty good, and I've been enjoying it all week, especially since I discovered a few bottles of my favourite salad dressing that's been discontinued, at my local convenience store!

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