Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 4 - What a difference a week makes

We didn't fuss over the garden two much in the last week. There was some rain, we made it out at least every other day to water. It was time to just let it do it's thing for a week and that seemed to be a success.

Unfortunately we have some animals that are treating our space like the all you can eat salad buffet at the Olive Garden, but everything seems to be bouncing back. We gave up officially on the catnip after it literally disappeared, and this weekend we plan to get some bloodmeal and, cayenne pepper to keep the rabbits and cats out. We actually have no idea what is eating, so we'll try a few things. A neighbor down the way has glorious lettuce growing and it's completely untouched, I have no idea why ours is getting nibbled.

But we do have radishes this week, which is about a week early by my calculations. They grew all weird shaped because we planted them too close together, but they taste good. Right now they are nice and sweet and crispy with a light peppery aftertaste. I think we shall be removing the rest of them this week so they don't get too peppery.

The first tomatoes were spotted on the Roma and Beefsteak plants, which is exciting!

We also trimmed herbs for the first time, to create some fathers day herb bouquets. They were due for a trimming and it was great to be able to share the first our garden has to offer.

And lastly, what a difference a week makes to zucchini. Last week it looked like this:

This week, it looks like this!

Om nom nom nom. :)

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