Saturday, June 25, 2011

Week 5 - The Beet Goes On (get it?)

This was the longest I have been between visits to the garden. Up until this week we had been going nearly every day but since it's been raining off and on since Wednesday we figured best to let nature take its course and enjoy a few weeknights off.

So we showed up today to find that not only were our beds intact (I was worried erosion would have ruined them) but things were looking better than ever!

For starters, the beets which I had pretty much figured were a loss, were actually standing upright and at attention. Now I'm disappointed we didn't plant more since it looks like we're going to only get about 4-6.

The Swiss Chard is also perky and holding up well to the animals. We have an abundance of flowering plants, zucchini, pumpkin, watermelon, honeydew melon, cucumbers and tomatoes are all in bloom.
Being the smug urban gardeners we are, we had bought some mixed greens, with fantasies of "oh this, it's nothing! We just tossed these greens together with some homemade vinaigratte..." Now we realize, we've got an abundance of "mixed greens" but no idea which parts of these "mixed greens" are edible. Soooo, we've been eating random parts of the plants to try to figure it out. Bryan and Ryan think it all tastes "great!", I think it all tastes like grass. It's not supposed to be ready for another few weeks so we'll see. We've had to pick a ton of flowers of them because apparently in the realm of lettuce, flowers = bad. Who knew?

Onions are looking good, I've been trying to thin them out but I don't know how much more I can take out. It's actually kind of hard to thin things, emotionally. I don't like it. I don't like ripping perfectly nice looking plants out of the ground to toss in the compost heap, but I need to toughen up. It's for the greater good of all onions.

Beans are climbing in their weird little way. I put in a center pole and some guide wires so we will have a bean teepee. Beanpee?

Shallots are looking shalloty.

Weeding is a breeze for the most part, most of our beds are virtually weed free. Don't ask me how or why. I'll chalk it up to beginners luck.

We took a walk to check out the neighbors plots, I gotta say, ours looks so neat and tidy (it's the female touch I think) and our plants look really healthy and hearty.

Tomorrow we're going to hit up the garden center for some regular thyme and maybe some more radishes or beets to go in where we just harvested.

I've got a pile of radishes sitting on my kitchen counter right now, time to figure out what the heck to do with them all. Here is a video of the first harvest of the year.


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