Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 2 - Everything is planted

The rain held off Sunday afternoon and with an extra set of hands, three of us got down to business building the beds and putting all the plants in. We spent a fair amount of time plotting out the space, and put in a a lot of stuff including:

A few varieties of tomatoes (heirloom, purple, roma, beefsteak amongst a few other varieties)
Red Peppers
Jalapeno Peppers
Pickling and sweet slice cucumbers
Herbs galore (tarragon, basil, rosemary, summer savory, oregano, dill and catnip for you know who)
Lettuce varieties, a tender leaf and mixed greens
Leeks, bunching onions and green onions
Pole beans
Swiss chard
and a pumpkin for Bryan :)

This is what $130 worth of vegetable plants looks like.

On the advice of an expert at Plant World (my new favourite store), we added approximately 2 handfuls of fertilizer per 10ft bed and worked it into the newly piled up soil. We spent even more time pulling out weeds that we missed last weekend, and as well transplanted a few more strawberry and raspberry plants from the other side of the lot. The transplants from last week held up great, and the strawberry plants have started to produce nice sized green berries. I am practically salivating at the thought of what is to come in a few months time.

Now it's a bit of watch and wait. We will be making regular watering visits as the soil has excellent drainage, perhaps too excellent. The next big project will be dealing with the grass in the back of the lot, as well as continuing to clear out the right side, where there are raspberry bushes galore. Nothing against raspberry bushes, but we've lost about 3 feet to them.

In about 25-30 days we should be pulling up radishes and harvesting the lettuce as the first things to come out of the garden. Strawberries might be close by then as well. I'm regretting that we did not leave any room for repeat lettuce sowings, but I'm not even sure how well they are going to do as it is a bit late to be starting them.

I'm getting hungry already!

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